Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Crepe Day

One day Alisun and I went for Crepes.
This was particularly significant because it was Alisun's first time experiencing the wonderment that is crepes. How she had managed that, I'll never know. But maybe she's not as much of a dessert/bakery fiend as I am. That is quite possible. 
Alisun and I went the gluttonous route and got two crepes a peice. Which only became hilarious when we ran into one of our classmates, and upon seeing our four crepes asked very innocently "Oh, are more people sitting with you guys?" To which we looked down at our crepes and back up at her and laughed at the notion. Cause, come on, savory and sweet crepes? Who has the ability to choose just one of the two. No, for us, it was go big or go home. And clearly we werent going home. 

The crepes were delicious. But mostly what made this day for me was Alisun.
You see, Alisun is a rather new friend.
She's my class president, has the most hilarious sense of humor (which is accompanied by her awesome ability to laugh), and until last June we had absolutely never spoken a single word to each other.
But slowly over the last semester, Alisun and I have become great friends. And I really think the world of her. She's completely brilliant, loyal, dedicated, loves movies and good food, has the most hilarious southern damsel voice, is super smart and is so very down to earth and wholesome in a very relatable and likeable way.
Its funny how sometimes you end up not being friends with people, cause you assume you wouldnt like them cause you're in different groups. Or you just have no reason to step out of your comfort zone to get to know them. Thats one of the things I like best about my class, we're always trying to be as inclusive as we can and get all the different groups together.
After crepes I went and studied at Alisun's house (read: I napped and she studied). And then we went and got some tacos and frozen yogurt and watched How I Met Your Mother. 
Sure, it wasnt the most productive day ever.
But I adore spending time with Alisun.
She's one of the people in my class that I cant help but feel a little intimidated by at school because she's really awesome. And I'm just really grateful for our friendship.
The End.

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Vanessa said...

those look delish! mmmm sooo jealous!!