Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Short on words

Having played phone tag for almost a week with one of the possible Education Conference group facilitators (did I mention I was on the committee for this?), we finally caught each other. And then proceeded to make jokes about the moment being everything we dreamt it would be. Ha. I like when strangers joke like we know each other.

Dr. B complimented my operative skills. And like any child, I beamed from the favourable attention. Externship, just like clinic, is full of ups and downs, of feeling competent and of feeling like a reject. But there is something nice about starting to trust myself; To realize that the last three years have not been a waste and that I actually know some things. I know that I'm not the best. But I also know that I have a lot of natural ability and talent for what I'm doing. And when I also make my assistant laugh - all the better. I think I'm going to rather like being a real dentist.

Oh this? Just a ring I carved from some triad custom tray material.
Sometimes I get bored. And sometimes I carve rings. NBD.


Cathy said...

How did the dealio this weekend go?? I love the first 4 pics and wish I was artsier with photos and programs on the comp. I need a mac. But I love your little lace shoes in the other pics. Love.

Tia Marie said...

Adam made me a ring like must have given him the idea! Haha, too cute!