Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Fury

I woke up this morning in a fury.
Sometimes when I have to do something that I haven't done before, I cry.
But sometimes my frustration leads me a different direction.
It didn't help that I received a completely unhelpful email from a faculty member.
All I wanted was to get approval for the patient I was supposed to see today.
Thats one of the challenges of externship. In order to get credit, you have to get approval.
And even though I'd faxed the forms several times, I'd heard nothing back for days.
And then I got the email.
Telling me that my forms had been rejected. But she didn't tell me why. Or bother to tell me for several days.
She just referred me back to the previous version of the form
and her notes.
Her cryptic, partially incomplete notes.
I tried phoning the school to talk to her.
But for some unknown reason, the school's number was going straight to a full voice mail.
And when I tried to get the medical phone operator to connect me
they kept sending me to people telling me that my faculty had graduated.
No. No she has not graduated. She's a faculty member.
No. No the school isn't closed. I know the hours and that there are people there.
But we are on the busy schedule for externship now.
And as I rushed to and fro, from this bay to that, seeing this patient and that,
the stress and frustration faded.
My latest fax went off.
I got the direct phone number for Carole Green (the gateway to everything at the school - seriously, she does everything).
And then I got the faxed form with one of the most beautiful things.
A signature.

I feel like its a good sign that the fast-paced bustle and hustle of a regular clinic day eases my drastic moods.
A very good sign.
Of course, things working in my favour might be a contributing factor.

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Cathy said...

That is a good sign. Because sometimes dentistry is really hectic. So I'm glad it helped.