Sunday, October 30, 2011

Dress for the True North Strong

Ever since study group with Derrick and Lucinda, I have had the thought that I wanted to be a "Canadian" for Halloween. I had worn my hobo jacket to study one day, and Derrick had pointed out how awesomely Canadian it was. Yes, I've been planning this costume for months. But I just thought it would be so funny. Cause I AM CANADIAN and I'm dressed as a Canadian.

In the washroom at the restaurant we ate dinner at I was washing my hands. And I look up and this woman goes "Caaanaaaadian!" to me. Which I laugh and go "I'm Canadian!" And she gets serious and goes "Like as your costume?" And I say "Yup!" And she goes "Oh." And I go "And in real life!" To which she then laughs.

This costume was just as great as the time I was a bum. Except I was a lot cuter :)
I was so comfortable and loved the concept of it so much. Gotta love that hobo/Canadian jacket. 

Mid-way through this last week I had started to pout about Halloween.
I have this irrational love for Halloween. Seeing people dressed up in ridiculous costumes just makes me happy. But I miss the Alberta way of doing Halloween. I want a centralized location, filled with music, costumes and all of my friends. I wanted a good ol' fashioned YSA dance. And so I began to pout. Because I often feel that I have to choose between doing stuff with the members out here, that I'm not really friends with and therefore feel disconnected from or doing things with my friends, who enjoy a slightly less wholesome version of things but whom I adore and have so much fun with. I miss the days when my friends had my same standards. I felt like I had too many options and I just wanted to be able to celebrate Halloween and have so much fun, but I was feeling like I couldn't possibly do it all.

And I was right. I ended up not going to any of the YSA house parties or to the hockey game Dee invited me to. 

But I did go and spend the day in Salem. Which seemed very Halloween-y.

Truthfully, Salem was slightly overrated. It was rainy and cold. And we didn't even do a haunted house. But being with my friends in any situation is fun. I love talking with them and just hanging out. Could we have done the same thing in Boston and negated the drive? Yes, absolutely. But it was still a fun day. 

Obviously, everyone loved my costume (whether they admitted it or not).
I believe a direct quote from Aaron was "Boo, Canada!"

But I can always count on a fellow Canadian to appreciate me representing!

Because of the rain, we stood inside and chatted for most of the day.
Alisun was such a cute little Alpha Wolf. 

And everyone loved The Beaver.

But I was very protective of him.

Alisun was pawing at The Beaver... 
and you can see why I was concerned!

It was just nice to be together and chat.
Pretty sure, my favourite part was talking with Aaron, Sabrina and Alisun about how awesome of a show Happy Endings is! Its hilarious and you should watch it if you don't.

After standing inside for awhile the girls decided to brave the weather and go wander Salem a bit.
We went through a graveyard, and into a couple cute stores.
It was freaking so cold though!

Aaron, Sabrina, Mike, Adam and Tia, Derek and Meg and a couple other people had rented a limo to go to Salem in. So we piled in the limo for a bit. It was ridiculously crowded though so that didn't really last.


After Salem, I was exhausted. It was only like 7:30pm, but it felt like 11:30pm. Externship is exhausting. And I'm not sure I've fully recovered from how exhausting the Education Conference was.
But Alisun and I really wanted to see everyone in their costumes, since most of the limo crew had opted against costumes in Salem.

I'm really glad we decided to tough it out though. Because being at Derek's house was my favourite part of the day. We ate, and laughed and danced ridiculously. And I left feeling that Halloween had been a success!

Everyone wanted The Beaver in their pictures!

This cake pop is actually one of the most thoughtful gestures.
Meg made cake pops for everyone. But added cupcake liquor to them.
But knowing that I don't drink, she made me a special alcohol free cake pop.
I won't lie, it felt pretty great knowing 1. They remembered my standards and 2. They accommodated for said standards. I just love that I can be myself with my friends and that they are so accepting.

Aaron and Mike Rollin might be two of my favourite people.

As Alisun, Tia and I were leaving, Aaron came to the door to say goodbye. He fretted that we hadn't had fun today in Salem because of the weather (since it had been his idea to go). And we assured him, that regardless of the weather, it was fun. And then Aaron told me that I need to stop being on externship because he misses seeing me in Clinic. My favourite part was when he spread his arms wide and went "Get in here Canadian!" and gave me a big hug. I love knowing that my friendship is important. And that my absence is noticed. So it was a really sweet moment for me. 

Alisun laughed as we got in the car about knowing it was going to be a "blogging" moment. And I told her if she wanted she could express how much my friendship means to her. But in all seriousness, I know that once graduation happens, we will be spread out all over. And while I look forward to not being in school, I already feel sad about not being able to see my friends everyday. They have really and truly made dental school for me. I wouldn't have survived the last few years without them. And I truly am grateful for their acceptance. I feel like I can be myself around them. They don't care that I sometimes start doing a ridiculously monster shimmy. Or throw gangs signs. Or whatever version of dancing I attempt. Or that I mispronounce just about every word. Or that I'm full of quirks. And while I am pretty sure I won't miss school, I will miss them.

They really and truly are the best!


Laura Beth said...

Melissa! I love your hair right now. It's the perfect length. I wish we could swap because my hair is dyiiiing

Anonymous said...

I love this post! It was such a good time, even with the blizzard! Thank's for capturing the day!

Anonymous said...

I love that in the states you can dress up as a Canadian for Halloween. Your costume looked great!

brock + amy said...

Before I realized that was your Halloween costume I thought "that's a cute outfit..." does that mean I am Canadian? haha!
ps. Nat said that when she took Reese Trick or Treating Reese would not even let her touch her bag of candy, she said she reached for it and Reese was like "Heeeeyyyyy" (that's a whinny protective hey in case you couldn't tell.) probably the best day of Reese and Bailey's life.