Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Days.

My favourite part of the day
is those few seconds when I
walk past the air vent to the
YMCA pool and smell the
chlorine air. I adore the smell
of chlorine. Turns out I would
have done well in WWI.
Chlorine gas me all the way.

My preceptor likes to monologue.
And lecture. But it turns out, I
dont invite a lot of either. The
monologuing is harder to avoid.
The lectures though? I currently
think I'm doing pretty good at
not setting her off.

Having an assistant is amazing.
I now understand how real
dentists work without constantly
having a rubber dam on. Its a
miracle what happens when
you have another set of hands.
A glorious miracle of appropriate

Josh is home (well, not exactly,
right at this moment, but close
enough). The last of our boys
is back from his mission. My
baby brother is now officially
going to be entering the world
of adults. Its a strange feeling to
know that we must all grow up
now. I knew we couldn't stop it.
But Josh being home from his
mission just confirms it. We are
no longer little kids. We're adults
who have to move forward or die.
Too extreme? HA. Maybe, maybe

I've been thinking about the subtle
messages we send. Maybe I read
too much into things. But I generally
think I read quite well. And maybe
I sense change when there is none.
But a little bit, I don't think its just
in my head.

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