Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Today I was doing paperwork with John and he offhandedly asked me if I was excited for the SYTYCD show tonight. And I turned and gave him an incredulous look. "The show is tomorrow John." He looked surprised. "Oh. I thought it was tonight." And I countered again "I put it in my calendar. Its definitely tomorrow." "I thought Tamsen had said..." "I'll bring up the confirmation email but I'm very sure its tomorrow."

So I pulled up my email and lo and behold "TUES Sept 27."

I couldn't believe it. I'd been telling Alisun for weeks it was on Wednesday. And a mere 6 hours before, I find out that its not Wednesday but Tuesday. If my patient hadn't of cancelled this afternoon I wouldn't of been doing paperwork with John. We wouldn't of been chatting. And I would have completely missed it. Sometimes I'm grateful for patients that cancel. 

I called Alisun and left a frantic voicemail because unlike me, she had patients all afternoon (and for all I knew, perhaps tonight as well). And then just to be safe I sent a frantic text. I printed off the tickets and finished my paperwork. But I was nervous. I worried that Alisun would be mad I messed up the dates and didn't give her a heads-up. So once I finished my paperwork I headed down to the first floor to pop into Alisun's appointment. 

A couple misunderstandings later, we determined that 1. Alisun wasn't mad about the date mix-up, 2. That Alisun did not have a chiropractor appointment when the show was going on and 3. That I wasn't trying to uninvite her to come with me. 

I was excited though. The closer it got to the start time, the more excited I got. This season of SYTYCD was by far the best season. I usually don't end up watching the last few episodes of shows like this, cause I get bored and lose interest. But I didn't lose interest and forget about this show until the finale. HA. Yup, I went tonight not having a clue who had won. I figured it out though... once they announced it. 

This event. This event quite possibly has been one of the best events I've ever been to. From the minute it started, and I really mean the minute, it was non-stop. And every number was phenomenal. The thing that really amazed me, was that unlike most shows that you go to, there really wasn't a lot of talking or breaks. It was constant. And those dancers! Oh the dancers! I wish I were a dancer. But I'm not, so I'll settle for being on the edge of my seat in awe the entire time. I had such a great time. And every now and then I would catch myself audibly being blown away by the performances. I enjoyed the regular tv show. But the live show? Oh it was the greatest show I've ever seen. At one point, I stopped for a minute and realized that I was exhausted from it being so amazing. Thats how good it was. I'm so glad that Alisun, John and Tamsen and I decided to get tickets. So so glad. I don't think its possible to sing the praises of SYTYCD enough. The entire event was run so seamlessly and perfectly. I loved it. Plain and simple.


The Lovebirds
Me: I definitely took a creeper pic of you guys...
John Keyes: Were we making out? Cause that would be hot!

HA! John - you're awkward. But really funny.

I would go to this again in a heartbeat.
In fact, I wish it had continued longer.
But the dance party in John's minivan was pretty bompin'.


Alisun said...

and 3. That I wasn't trying to uninvite her to come with me.
I actually laughed out loud to this!!!
hahahah we're so ridiculous!

Tia Marie said...

Ooh, I forgot about this! Looks like you all had a blast!!! :)