Sunday, September 4, 2011

High in the sky

Seriously, these high waist pants are really comfortable.
Perhaps not the most flattering, but you can't beat the lack of flashing that occurs in these pants.
And that shirt? Its the same shirt as this one, but I love the teal and gray and abstract print.
Did you know that the freckles I get in the summer across the bridge of my nose and cheeks are my favorite? I kind of love them and wish they were more evident all the time.
I think people with freckles are beautiful.


Laura Beth said...

There is nothing wrong with high waisted pants. I got some from H&M and they are the comfiest pants I own. Hands down.

Laura Beth said...

ps. that means I like yours! Lookin' good!

Royall said...

I love freckles too. I just don't love how the close bunches of freckles I get on my nose in the summer look like a huge sumo-freckle!

Cathy said...

Ahhhh I love this outfit. That top is divine and I'm all for high-waisted pants, on you. Not me. I'm too short to shorten my body even further. I wish I had a long body, because your long body looks great in this get-up. I went shopping yesterday and man I wish I had you to be my shopping buddy again. When I find my camera I'll do some outfit posts for your pleasure.