Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You've Had A Birthday Shout Hurray!

My friendship with Alisun came out of the blue. It honestly was like one day we weren't friends and the next day we were the best of friends. I'm not even sure what exactly did it. It might have been our mutual love of games. It might have been that each of us is a true fourteen year old trapped in a much older body. But from the moment we became friends, Alisun has been a Godsend. Her friendship came at a moment when I really needed it. I have lovely, wonderful friends out at school. And I would never want to minimize the deep love I have for each of them. But with Alisun I can truly say anything. She laughs that I still think like a five year old at times. And she doesn't mind that sometimes I pout like a five year old too. We see each other quite often at school, but one of my favourite things is that at the end of the night we'll talk on the phone just to catch up on the little stories we may have missed from each others lives. I needed someone to share my stupid stories with, and Alisun willingly obliged. 
Alisun really is something special and unique. Not only is she class president (like a true over achiever and the fake lazy person she is), but she never ceases to amaze me at all that she does. She is one of the hardest working people I've ever met and truly someone I admire a great deal. I'm always trying to play catch up with her and rise to her level. Which never happens because she is always taking on more.

I had a great time celebrating her birth!
I even sang two primary birthday songs.

Dear Alisun,
Thanks for being born!
Much love,

The day began with delicious sushi from our favourite sushi place. 
A little bit I want to marry those warm towels they bring to wipe your hands with.

HA, my bike is "herding" Alisun's bike!

After Sushi, we went and got our nails done to celebrate some more.
I truthfully, am not a great "get my nails done" person. 
I can never understand what the people say. I never know when to raise my foot. And I find watching someone work on me slightly obnoxious since sometimes I can be a bit of a perfectionist. It gets awkward. 
But I do like the massage chairs. Oh, I like those a lot. 

If you ever want to know what the greatest party idea is, just take a page from Alisun's book.
She thought that a "Make your own pizza" party would be fun.
And indeed it was.

Everyone brought one of two ingredients for the pizzas.
And Alisun slaved away the night before her birthday making a mountain of crusts for everyone.

Lucinda and I decided to do dessert pizzas.
And made some really sweet icing.

The greatest part of this party was that
1. Everyone was involved.
2. Everyone got exactly what they wanted. 
If you wanted a Hawaiian pizza, you could make it.
An all-meat pizza? Sure why not.
3. It allowed people to mingle, debate pizza toppings and really just relax.

Truly it was a perfect plan for a bunch of stressed out dental students!
And seriously how awesome do these pizzas look!

The dessert pizzas were a huge success. People added toppings in whatever order they chose and it was DELICIOUS. 
I might have to just go buy some pie fillings, icing sugar and dough and make some more.
The entire night was a choose your own adventure. And it really was great fun.

And best of all we sang Happy Birthday to Alisun as she attempted to blow out the candles to her surprise mermaid birthday cake.

Happy Birthday Alisun!


Alisun said...

I might be bias...but this is the best blog post EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you for being an awesome friend and making my Bday so special! I heart you!!

Lana Dawn said...

maybe i would like my birthdays more if i had you to plan my day!

Cathy said...

I know I'm behind, but I'm catching up so brace yourself for random quotes on posts from weeks past... like this one. But I love make your own pizza night! I want to do one now. Because dessert pizza??? Yes Please. Though I have to admit a twinge of jealousy of Alisun. I wish I could still be that friend for you. I miss our stories and banter. But I am really happy you have good friends there. I want us to be in the same place again. Matt's wedding was just a tease.