Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Phantom

Dee asked me weeks ago if I wanted to get a ticket for this food festival thing.
She even sent me the link to it.
But I didn't buy a ticket.
And I completely forgot about it.
About a week ago, Alisun started raving about how amazing this food festival thing is that happens behind her house around Fenway and how we should go.
And it sounded intriguing. And not even vaguely familiar.
Which Dee then scoffed about and informed me that she had already told me about it.
Basically, you pay money, and then get to eat at a bajillion food vendors, while they play music in the streets. 
Maybe I just needed those kind of bullet points.
But even still I didn't buy a ticket.
Lucky for me, Alisun doesn't let procrastination destroy me cause she made sure I got a ticket.
Alisun has been wanting to go to this food festival the entire time she's lived in Boston. But we've always had tests and other obligations that prevented her from going. So it was fun to check this off the list of fun things to do in Boston.

It was freaking humid on Saturday.
Ridiculous, horrible, make-me-cranky humidity.
But the copious amounts of food helped.

I stepped into the crowded streets and was immediately handed a candy necklace.
Who doesn't love a good candy necklace?

I couldn't believe how packed the street was. And how much food there was.

I was ridiculously full about three vendors in.
They had hot dogs, and ice cream bars and crepes and noodles and fudge and chicken and fries and a ton of other things.
Some of the food was amazing. And I ate until I quite literally couldn't eat another bite.
Then Alisun and I went and lounged in her apartment till we felt able to semi-move again.

It was certainly gluttony at its finest, but it was very delicious.

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Tiffany Kay Smith said...

That sounds absolutely fantastic!! It sounds like a buffet on steroids. Thats going close to the top of the "Things I must do if I ever go to Boston" list .... you are kind of creating it for me.