Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Dear Three Hour Appointment 
That Became Six Hours
That was a little uncalled for. 
All I wanted was a nice and easy crown cementation.
Instead you had me slaving away for AGES.
For real, that shouldn't of taken that long.
(Curse you contact points/internal blebs!)

Dear New License Picture
I kinda love you.
1. Don't look like you're trying too hard
2. Are pretty :)
3. Are not awkward.
You're everything my last license was
missing and more.
I look forward to the next five years together.

Dear Pre-Externship Paperwork
I know I need you.
But I don't really like you right now.
Unfortunately I am getting to the 
point where I can no longer ignore 
you. Drat. Double drat.

Dear Yoga
Is it cool if I try to love you?
Cause this round of it has been
going alright. Which is out of
character for you. I even went
to you last week without the 
moral support posse. Which 
was out of character for me.

Dear Self
Listen up.
1. You're being a little obsessive and its annoying. To yourself.
2. Maybe more sleep would help.
3. Just bite the bullet. And the other one too.
4. Just hold off and forget about it.
5. No big deal, it'll work out.
Thats what I thought.

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