Saturday, March 28, 2009

If you are a realtor, there's a good chance I already hate you.


Right now I am in realtor hell.  And here's a list of the things that annoy me about searching for housing.

1. You spend hours searching for something that sounds remotely interesting and in your price range.  Hours and hours of needless stress.

2. Once you see something you have to play the annoying fifty million email and phone call games as you try to set up appointments to see said place.  

3. I have not met a single realtor that values my time enough to show up on time.  I'm not late... so why should they be?

4. Even if you confirm the appointment... there's always the chance the realtor will not even show up.  Yes... I have been stood up by a few too many realtors.

5. If they do show up, sometimes they dont bring the keys.  What is the point of that?  Did they think I was just using the housing as a rouse to spend five minutes with them.  No.  I wasnt.

6.  Seriously they do not value my time.  If you arent gonna show up... CALL.  If you dont have the keys... CALL.  I give points for at least pretending like you arent trying to waste my time.

7. Sometimes the realtors do something sneaky... like not telling you the exact address... Location is everything people... dont tell me to meet you five blocks from where we're looking. 

8. You never know if the apartment that could be ok is the best.  Is it the best price?  Could you find something that is less like a dungeon?   

The jist of it is that I do not get why realtors get paid at all... I did the search to find the place... I set up the appointment.  They should be paying me.  All they have to do is bring the keys.  Let me talk to the owner and I could get the keys too.  

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