Sunday, March 15, 2009

Katie Babe

Two years ago, on March 14, 2006, a beautiful little girl was born.
Our families' very own Katelyn Jane.
And on Saturday that little bug turned two.

I cannot believe how grown up she is.
I called her at her party, and while talking to me on the 
phone wasnt top on her list of things to do, its 
crazy to me that she's old enough 
to talk on the phone at all.  

She may not be my baby, but I love her just the same.
And I hope for the best things for her.
Before I know it, she'll be eight.
And then she'll become that snarky teenager who I will desperately 
want to think I'm still young and hip.  
And then she'll be dating.
And going off and living her grown up life.

I hope she always knows how much her 
family loves her.
She's still just a baby who loves to play 
on slides.  But I have no illusions that soon time will speed on, 
and those moments will be gone far too quickly.

So I wish her Happy Birthday.
Love you Katie Bug!  

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