Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Clarifying... for my own sanity

I have to say it.  I've been holding my tongue but I cant stand it anymore.  Brad does not make things look easier.  He may be more arrogant about every imagined victory, but in no way do I think he's doing a better job at this whole dental school thing.  Lindsay's comment irked me on the last post.  And yes.  I said irked.  Brad.  Nice guy.  Doesnt kill people or kick babies.  But in no way does that make him someone who is more talented than I am.  It just isnt so.  And Matt told me he could beat him up.  Easily.  And I know I'm not the best at everything.  But I definitely wouldnt go about classifying people as better than me.  No.  Maybe in the whole small setting on the Simulation Lab they have a better day than me at our chairs.  Maybe they've worked in a dental office before.  Went on some random charity excursion with their dental parent where they did dental work illegally.  I dont care.  I maintain what my dad tells me... We all suck in the grand scheme of things.  As we should.  We are LEARNING.  Its not learning if you already know how to do it perfectly.  And none of us compare to a dentist whose been practicing for twenty years... heck... two years.   So... is Brad better than me?  I think not.   

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Linz said...

that wasn't the point of my last comment ... i'm sorry if it irked you!