Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mr. Right meet Mrs. Wight

This is my beautiful friend Ali.

She's so crazy funny cool that words dont really do her justice. I wanted to be her friend.

And luckily Matt got in her friend circle and opened the door for me to get to know her better.

We hung out and did lots of hilariously funny things. We've had so many memorable moments.
(And yes... she is a unicorn-->)

We started our very own running club. Which was a total success, even when I was a suck-face runner. Which was often.
And we even tried our hand at a few races.

We had play-dates in Waterton and fun road trips around SoAB.

We were silly and real.

We frolicked like children on hoodoos, and dressed like mermaids for the big Halloween bash.

And we talked for hours about life and shared all our biggest dreams.
We learned things from each other that we didnt know we needed to learn.

And now my good friend has fallen in love.

And I just was informed today that she is getting married. Alison Marie Harding will now be Mrs. David Wight.

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