Thursday, May 24, 2012

This Happened.

I graduated.

Its still so weird to me.
I'm no longer a student.
No matter how many times I say that, it doesn't stop feeling surreal.

I'm not gonna lie, I could have done without convocation.
It was crazy boring, and by the time they called my name (and pronounced Lowry wrong no less), I was over it. I wanted that diploma in hand and to get the hell out of there.
It was torture listening to the final names and the final speeches.

Graduation has been strange.
First off, there wasn't really a goodbye of sorts between my friends and I. No sort of finality. We all just kind of left without a word. One minute we're together and now we're not.
Which I suppose is the only way it could be. 
But its weird.
Second, I had a lot of people come to support me. 
They helped me pack (which was disastrous) and helped me celebrate and explore Boston one last time.

 This picture is awesome because we ordered ourselves in amount of education we have received. 
Poor little Joshie.

It was really nice of everyone to come though.
Ben and Jesse drove across the country to come.
Julie came from Virginia.
My Aunt Shelly came from Louisiana. 
My Uncle Todd and Tyson came from Western Mass.
My parents and Josh flew.

It was nice having people there. 

I'm graduated.
I'm not sure it'll ever feel normal.


noelle said...

Congrats, Melissa! Any idea where you're off to now? Does everyone ask you that?? Haha. I guess it doesn't really matter. What an accomplishment though! Have fun, wherever you go and whatever you do!

Melissa said...

Well I'm currently roaming AB trying to decide where to be... its clearly not going well. Ha. But thanks!

hailey said...

you are amazinggggggg.

Anonymous said...

That is a very prestigious looking robe! It shouts "my degree was harder than your degree" from the rooftops! But why didn't you get a cool tassel hat too?

And I hear you on the weirdness of no final goodbyes with the friends you make in university. For me it was like "Kay, I'm moving away now...probably won't see you again but it was cool being real tight for a few years".

Dani said...

Melissa, well done!! I agree with Royall, you can tell you're a smarty pants just by the grad robe! Seriously though, well done! Lets get together for a roomy's lunch again soon!