Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Mental Blocks

When Dr. Moran told us that he was having a concert and that he was making sure to set aside tickets for the softball team to buy, we of course were enthusiastic. Dr. Moran is one of those ever-inspiring individuals who truly believes that life should be lived to the fullest. He decided he wanted to be in a band. He'd never sang in public before. But he wasn't about to let that stop him. He decided and so he made it happen. And pretty much, Dr. Moran's whole life has been that way. I love that he doesn't see obstacles, he sees opportunities and he'd be the first to encourage any outlandish plan. Because if you've always wanted to do something (like learning to play the harmonica), what are you waiting for? Doesn't matter if you think you've missed your opportunity, if its something you want, you should and absolutely can make it happen. And I like that sentiment a lot. 
I know I'm only 25, but sometimes I already feel like I've missed my opportunity to do certain things. But what Dr. Moran is always championing is that it's never too late to try. Because your life is whatever you choose to make it. 
I love that he has developed all these hobbies. 
I like that a lot.

But lets be real. When your favourite faculty tells you he's in a band and has never sang before, you set your expectations pretty low but get excited for his debut. Even if it was horrible, I would have been excited. 

So before the show started, Adam showed up. Matching Derrick. It was amazing. 
And particularly funny, because he had been matching someone the night before too.

The Mental Blocks were actually quite good.
I was pleasantly surprised.
It was funny though. Because certain faculty (Drs. Weinburg and Harrington) have completely different stage personas. I couldn't stop laughing. They were slightly out of control.
But it was amazing. Truly.

Weinburg, Moran, Harrington

It was such a fun little adventure. And Dr. Moran dedicated a song to the class of 2012 (since we are his favourite!). 

And of course, everyone who missed the Adam and Derrick matching before the show, got a good laugh afterwards. 

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