Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last Weekend Before Graduation

I don't know whats wrong with me. I should be beyond excited to be done. But I keep feeling all this anxiety about the activities we have planned. Like suddenly I won't know how to interact with my friends and it will be horrible and I'll be trapped. Its like I've forgotten that just because the end is near, that doesn't mean our friendships are also ending. I may be over school, but I'm not over the people. I'm ridiculous. But I was dreading this BBQ. I contemplated bailing and not going. 
But I couldn't do that.
And I'm glad I didn't.
It was the perfect day. Sunny. Warm. 
We played lawn games. We ate amazing food. We laughed. We had an awesome marshmallow treat bar. 
It was the perfect day. 
And I was reminded again, how sad it will be to move away from all my friends.
But really, we're all leaving. 
So its nice that we get to enjoy our last few days together.

Ha. And this guy is my chiropractor. :)

Tooth toothpicks

Love these three

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Cathy said...

I forgot how much I love your freckles.