Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Dear Dr. Schnell (holder of the Remo
sign-out and credit approval),
Thanks for letting me know that 
I officially have much less work
than I had previously anticipated
in order to graduate.
I'm pretty stoked about it and 
heaved a huge sigh of relief,
as well as have been bragging
to high heavens about how well
off I now am in regards to 
graduation requirements.
Its only slightly a bit much.

Dear Requirements,
Thank for giving me such
a sense of accomplishment
as I check off every little one
of you. I love it. I really do.

Dear Katie Thornton,
Thanks for listening to my rants
about how guy/girl friendships 
don't work and how I don't get why
people think they're awesome. And
feeding me delicious supper and
making chocolate peanut butter
no bake cookies. I'm too lucky. 
And was reaaaally hungry.

Dear Boston LDS singles
(aka my future dental licensure
exam patients)
I'm excited you guys are all pumped
for some nice free dental screenings.
Makes me feel a little less stressed
about being able to pull off this little
thing called DENTAL BOARD 
EXAMS. I really hope a few of you
work out
*Crossing my fingers you have bad
teeth (but not too bad)*

Dear Life,
Today you are 
Of course I haven't 
tried studying yet...

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