Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Happenings Dec. 21-23

Visiting Royall's New House
(which sadly I didn't take a single picture of our time together)
Royall and her cute family recently moved to Lethbridge. Which as it turns out is very convenient for me since I love getting to see Royall and now she lives so close. Her, Dani and I all got together and Royall fed us a wonderful lunch and then we chatted for quite a while. Moments like these are among my favourites. It just was so nice to get together and catch up.  I love that Royall lives in Lethbridge now, and her house is lovely, as is Jonas. He was so cute and even gave me a kiss when I left. It was really darling.

Ryder's Soccer Game
I missed most of Ryder's game, but seeing as he spent a bunch of time spinning in circles, I'm thinking I didn't miss a ton. But he was cute out there, trying to kick the ball. Its cute how grown up Ryder is getting, playing sports and what not.

 Reese was pretty cute too. She's kinda a funny little child. Sometimes I go "Reesey!" And she goes "Whaaat?" And I go "Whaaaat?" And it goes back and forth. I just think its funny.

Christmas Shopping
I had several days that made me feel like a super hipster. I kinda like it. And probably should have done an outfit post about it. But Christmas Shopping is such a weird time. I felt pretty over shopping upon arriving in Lethbridge. Because it is such effort and so many people. But of course no shopping is complete without repeatedly stalking something I want. And I stalked it real good.  

LCI Alumni Basketball Game
Dave told me about this Alumni game and since I kinda love Alaya and Cathy, I made sure that they were coming. Please admire the circle scarf I made for Cathy. She unintentionally was very team spirit with her green and gold. And she fully supported my hipster glasses.

I was surprised that the alumni game was actually pretty good. I fully expected old men getting beat down by some high school students. But they were neither fat nor getting beat down. The old men definitely beat the highschoolers. And it was a pretty entertaining time. It was weird being in my high school. I haven't been back since I stopped coaching the JV Rugby team about five years ago. The school is the exact same though. So I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything. 

Jesse's Surprise
Jesse was planning on staying in Hawaii for Christmas. So it was a lovely surprise when Maikal called me down and out popped Jesse. I couldn't have been more excited. Jesse, the person I hang out with. He's my adventure friend. And I was definitely missing him when he wasn't coming home.

It was a fun surprise for everyone, having Jess show up.


brock + amy said...

I can't remember if it was last year or the year before, but anyways, Brock and Jake were the sub coaches for Ryder's soccer team and in the time out Ryder said to his team, "Just pass me the ball, I am the fastest runner." Haha!

Royall said...

I loved having the chance to hang out and catch up. We have to do it again soon!