Sunday, January 8, 2012

Goodbye Canada

I've been contemplating an e-reader for quite some time. Because I really do read quite a lot of books (I read over thirty this year). And books are heavy (though my future library is still a plan). But there are so many options that usually I get overwhelmed. I hate picking between things that are barely different. And upon reading and re-reading e-reader reviews, I determined that most of the e-readers are pretty similar. The Nook has a better touch screen, but the Kindle can play audiobooks and MP3s. How do you decide between that? I told my Dad I was planning on buying either a Nook or Kindle soon (I think I like the Nook better, but if I return to Canada they don't have Barnes and Nobles and I lose the benefit of free-wi-fi in-store and free tech support should my Nook go crazy). Upon telling him, he scoffed and said I could just have his Kindle that he got for free.
This option made it so I didn't have to decide.
Decision made for me.
I pouted for a moment upon receiving it. 
Its not exactly what I was thinking I wanted - it doesn't have the touch screen (Yup, that sounds super superficial and stuck up).
What kind of devices don't have touch screens anymore? (And again.)
But then I started to fidget with it. And started to read (currently: Janet Evanovich's One for the Money - and its not half bad). I can download free books. Who doesn't love a good and free classic novel. And I realized that I'm quite happy with this new addition. Yes, I stole it from my father. Yes, it doesn't have a touch screen. But as it turns out it does exactly what I need and want it to do - put words in front of me.
Its official.
I'm an e-reader convert. 
(Though I have been told its not Guatemala acceptable unless I really want to get mugged again.)

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An e-reader sure would be handy!