Thursday, December 16, 2010

Where am I?

I realize many of you have not been to my apartment.
But if you're thinking to yourself "Hmm, that doesnt even look remotely familiar" you'd be right.
Why you ask? Because I blasted my Oral Path final, proceeded home, only to realize that, yet again, I'm locked out of my house.
Thankfully Kellie is a total sport and rescues me and lets me hang out in her apartment when I get locked out. She's awesome. Officially. 

Here and here she totally saved me from meltdowns.
And while I'm feeling pretty good about life at the moment (did I mention that study group is awesome and we pwned that exam?), I'm sure standing uselessly out in the cold would dampen that.

But thankfully my landlord is on her way. 


Does this look more familiar?


Shelby Lou said...

I have that same shirt! No lies.

Ash Att said...

i love your hair! so stinkin cute!