Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties

Round 1
Seriously my dental group is the bomb. We decided that after the massacre Remo Final that another game party was necessary. And Tis' the season for ugly sweaters and what not. It really was great fun. The funniest part? Probably when there was the random circle of dance - Derrick and Baker would switch the tv to a random music station and people around the circle would have to dance to the appointed music. Funny to watch. Awkward to participate in. 

 What did I wear? Turns out, finding an ugly christmas sweater can be a challenge. I went after my test and before the party to search for something appropriate - but it was pretty much not happening. So I improvised. Robert told me several times that I definitely was the prettiest present at the party and won the sweater competition. Rob is ridiculous. But people really loved the humongous bow I had going on.
Of course after multiple shots of people pointing at my bow, it kinda started feeling like those pregnancy shots when people put their hands on the baby belly. 
"Aww, the baby..."

My most ridiculous friend of the night - Aaron.
He was all over the joint. 

Round Two
Alisun invited me to her groups' ugly christmas sweater party. Seeing as I was leaving early the next morning to go home, I didnt bother pretending to come up with a sweater. But it was fun. Turns out I just love the people in my dental class. For real everyone is great. 

Dear Tiffany
I love that you brought sweaters for the three of us to wear. Along with several other accessory goodies (a Christmas pen in your hair - why yes, that does sound lovely!).
I love that you let me take a kajillion photos.
I love how awesomely cheesy Christmas we were.
I love that taking photos in front of the present pile (cause we didnt have our tree set up yet) was my favorite part of the night cause the party was LAME.
I love that Matt wore that ridiculous burger king antler crown through the entire party.
I love how seriously we were taking Christmas in this photo.
But mostly I love this little ditty.
Because nothing is more christmasy than a stocking taped to your back pocket. Nothing I say.

Oh - and the Matt shaped present outline? 
That was pretty bomb too.

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I love the present outlined matt pictures...