Saturday, February 14, 2009

I think of you

Once upon a time, I was young.  I believed in magical beings and little people that lived on my skin.  I danced, sang and twirled.  But most of all, I believed in a love that truly could conquer all. Fairy tales were part of my everyday life.  My dreams were more reality. But as I grew, life became something real, something that could be brutal and cold.  And with age, my magical world became less shine and shimmer and more gray and dull.  And the magic, that had once surrounded me, faded.  I would stand in a room filled with people, unable to understand where the once great world had gone.  I would scream and find I made no sound.  And I grew tall, and began to not wonder at all.  I accepted the world for what it was.  My enchanting childhood was replaced by my cynical adulthood.  And it fit neatly into my now gray view of the world around me.

But one day, as I was walking through the faceless crowd, something caught my eye.  It filled my vision with brightness that I had forgot existed.  Its beauty was instantly intoxicating.  I weaved anxiously through the crowd, unable to get a clear view.  It hid and I could feel its enjoyment at my distress and urgency.  But I searched nonetheless. For that one quick view had sparked something deep inside that had been lost for so long.  I tried to step out from the crowd to get a better view.  To find what my heart had long been aching for.  But the crowd swirled around, thicker.  I turned around, trying to catch one more glimpse.  But it had disappeared from view.  But with that glimpse, instantly I was changed.  I couldn't go back to the life I had previously been satisfied by.  I realized in that brief moment that I wanted more.  And a life spent searching was better than one in ignorance.              


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That's beautiful and deep. You're awesome, Melissa.