Monday, April 29, 2013

My favorite part about Belize

Juni, is a 74 year old local of Caye Caulker. And by far facilitated the best part of my trip. He took us out to the reef on his sail boat to go snorkelling. He was cheaper than everywhere else that we checked and because there was only the four of us we got this really amazing tour of the ocean. If there is a man who is part fish, I believe it's Juni. Before we got in the water he gave us a big speech about being one with the fish and to not be surprised at the fish who recognize, know and follow him around. It's all about being one with the fish.

As soon as he got in the water he had a group of fish swimming at his side and sting rays nuzzling up to him. He would guide the sting rays to swim over top of us. Juni had pre-warned us and told us to keep our eyes wide open so we could take it in and be in the moment.

Generally he frowns upon water cameras because he feels it detracts from the whole attention of taking in the experience - living wholly in the moment because it is likely to be unlike any other moment.
But lets be real. I was going no where without a camera. Unfortunately, right at the end of our snorkelling I discovered that the battery section to my camera had come open and completely ruined the camera. On the plus though, the memory card was totally saved and I didnt lose all my trip photos. FTW.

He was perfect. Snorkelling was perfect. Of course there were no words once we were in the water but Juni would grab your arm and start pushing you down to look at some fish or the other, guiding each of us here or there. More than once he lured out an eel or a reef shark with a fish he trapped in a shell so that we could get a good look at the water creatures.

We stopped at three different places to snorkel. The first we spent playing with sting rays. The second the ocean floor was covered in conch shells and just over that eagle rays. As well as three turtles that were being fed by Juni and a friend of his. Before we got in the water Juni warned us that one of the three turtles was a biter and to keep an eye out for the turtles around us to avoid being bitten.

The third spot he showed us an eel and barracuda and puffer fish and these pretty black with almost fluorescent luminous blue finned fish as well as the only sea creature he's named - a three limbed turtle he named "I Lean", who carries a special place in his heart because of her adaptive nature.

I love the water. And I loved this day.

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Anonymous said...

I could probably learn a lot from Juni's philosophy of living in the moment but I am so glad you took pictures! The whole experience looks and sounds surreal! Definitely something to always remember.