Sunday, January 20, 2013

Covered Button Tutorial

One of my favourite things to do (I've discovered), is to make things for the people I really care about. A few of the things that I love best about creating something for someone else is that you get such a feeling of accomplishment, you get to be creative and the gifts are unique, personal and show that you really thought of the person. That is what I think is the most important part of gift giving - not how much you spend but how much you think of the other person. I love making gestures to show in a physical sense that I was thinking of someone. Even if it is just a small gesture.
I saw these via Pinterest and its Pinterest for the win. Not only are they adorable, but they were easy to make (once you tracked down all the supplies and found the fabric you wanted to use). And who knew covering buttons would be so fun?

Finding fabric for my buttons was by the far the hardest thing for me.
Particularly since I don't sew and have no sewing knowledge. I thought I would just be able to buy tiny scraps of fabric, but turns out fabric stores arent really all about that. So I now have a ridiculous amount of leftover fabric. 
But it is possible to buy little squares of fabric or triangles of fabric (I think they're regularly used for quilting?) and use those. It'll still be too much fabric, but since I dont have fabric scraps, I took what I could find. 

With this step, it'd be nice to keep the button fairly centered in the fabric. You might have to push pretty hard to get the button down, but once you figure out how much you have to push, it goes pretty quickly. The excess fabric folds really easily into the center and I used my nails and the button pusher to tuck it down as much as possible.

See those adorable purple corduroy earrings? Yes they are adorable. And yes they were hell to make.
A word to the wise, keep in mind your fabric thickness. Particularly for the little buttons, I had a very difficult time getting the button back to snap on because the fabric was so thick. I ended up hammering the backs on.

Finding the earrings posts was quite a challenge. Turns out, not that many places sell them. But phoning around was useful.
The glue was bought at walmart. Easy peasy.

I started by trying not to have excess glue. But since the backs of the buttons werent necessarily completely flat, I decided I'd rather have some excess glue that would make the earrings a little sturdier, and make sure the posts bonded to the buttons.

I loved how these button earrings turned out. And I loved making little card boxes and giving them away to all my friends. Maybe I'll make a pair for myself at some point (since I really do have so much left over fabric), but it was just such a fun little project to do.

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Brittany Lowry said...

wow! You are so talented! I love this little idea!