Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Dear Dental Contract
You were a terribly long read.
And quite boring.
Full of words I only half understood.
But now that you have been moderately
tweaked, and compromise has been
shown on both sides (and my fathers'
blessing given), I feel good about you.
Yup. I'm gonna sign you.

Dear Reesey-Babe
I love you more every time  you surprise
me with how comfortable you have
become around me. And I cheer the
victory of it all.

Dear Ryder
I'm not sure how you got
such an old soul, but I love 
it. You always surprise me
with the deep, thoughtful 
and occasionally wise things
you say. 

Dear Dental License
See you so soon. Just one
little ethics test stands between
us being together. And that date
is set.

Dear Asylum Speed and Agility Workout
Nat and I killed you this morning.
And I kinda like it when you are dead.

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Brittany Curry said...

onhahaha! I love everything that I just read :)