Friday, August 10, 2012

Coming Together

It didn't happen all at once. As I figured it would, it was a gradual shift; slowly, over time. I look back over the last month and I can hardly believe where I currently stand. Bit by bit I managed to move forward. And while I struggled, it daily became easier as more of my future came together. It was little things but they have added up.

For starters, I have a job offer. My paperwork for my license is submitted. I have the beginnings of a group and great friendships. I'm most likely going to stay in Lethbridge. With Dave and Nat. I know there are some that won't understand why I'd live with my brother and sister in law, but right now I feel like I need it. I need Nat's amazing housekeeping and dedicated exercise habits to rub off on me. I need the support and encouragement. I need the safety. And I really believe that my best progression this year will be with Dave and Nat's daily influence.

I still have moments of panic where I feel unready for any new steps my life might take. But I'm trying to continue forward despite that. And sometimes I feel such excitement for this new life I get to start creating. I have so many new plans and ideas. And when I'm not completely terrified, I can't wait for it all to take place. Because this next year is whatever I choose to make it. And from the plans, it looks pretty spectacular.


Cathy said...

Yay for all the coming togetherness! Don't you just love when things fall into place? Like little signs that say, keep going this way, it will be okay. For the record, I totally understand why you'd want to stay with Dave and Nat, even if I give you a hard time about it, it will be wicked for you to stay with them! So many pros.

Royall said...

Lethbridge! Sweet music to my ears. If you ever need a workout partner to toil along with you've got me. We should schedule a workout evening once a week if you're up for it!

.Ang. said...

I am so excited for you, Melissa! you have worked so hard and you deserve it! This next year is going to be a great one for you! I can feel it! :)

This post also made me want to melt into a puddle and just cry for a while. I have been feeling so much confusion and uncertainty lately. We have no idea what in the world is next for us. I needed the reminder that it really is the little things that add up. And we are truly blessed in little ways on a daily basis. I KNOW that things will work out some how, some day (soon I hope) and we will be ok. Like I said, i just needed the reminder and the encouragement from your example and your fresh, hopeful outlook.

Thanks, Melissa!

Sure love you!