Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lets be a little inappropriate

John and I are on OD rotation. Which, all in all, is good but very tiring at times. But we were having lunch and chatting about Halloween costumes. As we come up to the stairs leading to the school, I begin to mock John asking his wife to dress as Jabba the Hut. Because that is a TERRIBLE costume for anyone who wants to be remotely attractive during halloween. But as I talk and turn to walk up the stairs to the school, I look up and say "Hey Hun!..." and who should I make eye contact with at that exact moment? None other than the Dean of our school. Dean Hutter. He says hello back. And I immediately burst out laughing and awkwardly run into the school. Yup, I accidentally called the Dean of my school HUN. There was no recovering from that one.

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