Sunday, September 8, 2013

Roaring 20s

This night was perfection. 
I won't lie, after a day spent celebrating love and rocking a dress, the thought of spending the night in the same dress got burdensome. I wicked wanted to bail on the party, so when Ness invited me to come get ready, I brought nothing and wore sweats, fully intending to keep them company and then go home. 
But Erin, that sneaky friend, offered to do my hair and so I started to help her to do hers first.
I love doing hair and I love when an idea turns out so fully perfect. Erin has long, long hair but wanted to shorten it for the party into a 20s bob. I got so excited with how spectacular her hair turned out. It honestly is the best feeling to look at someone's hair that you've done and know that it turned out better than you anticipated. 

And so with a little more enthusiasm but not a high level of hope for my own hair, I let Erin quickly whip something up with my hair. It's very rare that someone else does my hair. Usually I'm doing everyone else's hair. So it was beyond a treat to get my hair done by Erin. And by the time she finished I was in love with it. It turned out perfect. 
I've always fully believed that if you're gonna dress up you have to go hardcore or else spend the night feeling stupid. One hundred percent commitment. And with my hair and makeup done, I knew I could do nothing but commit to this party. 
We had sparklers, fantastic group photos, 20s themed music and I had a lovely surprise arrival from Dallin. 
It was a beautiful moment that will make a great memory. And I'm so grateful for Erin for getting me excited about it because I had a great time, and wouldn't of without her encouragement. 

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