Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Project Day

When I started working, I decided to only work four days a week. I love only working four days a week. My day off usually ends up being the busiest day of my week. Turns out running all my errands, appointments and making dinner results in me being very busy.

But I like it a lot.

And I have a lot of projects that my day off gives me the hope I'll one day be able to accomplish. I love having time to look up recipes and buy ingredients to try different meals. I love being able to work out whenever I want. And I really, really love being able to have time to try out projects. I want to be able to organize my life and do projects.

Just a few of my current projects:

I want to streamline my closet and only have pieces that I love.
I want to make photo books and therefore sort through the 22 000 photos on my computer.

And a day off allows me to do that. I love my day off.

Today, I worked some more on my closet. 
Since I moved, I have pretty exclusively ignored the boxes I moved with. 
But those boxes have been a nagging point in the back of my mind for months.

I dream of a functional and streamlined closet. With only clothes that I love to wear in it. 
So thats the goal. 
I've done an initial purge which at least got my boxes down from four to one, and today I managed to part with a couple more things. But its hard. Its hard keeping in mind how I want to look. And I have a completely ridiculous attachment to my grungy t-shirts, even though, that isnt at all the classic, put together look I'd like to achieve on a daily basis.
So its going to be a process. But I'm excited to at least have organized the clothes that are in my closet currently, even if I still need to cut back on whats there.  

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