Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The Car

Since I got back from Hawaii, I'd been borrowing my moms car. Which was convenient and kind of great. Particularly since I was planning on working and making a little money before I took on the venture of paying for a car of my own.
But unfortunately the car kinda exploded on my way back from Edmonton.
And after a four hour tow truck disaster, it became apparent that I couldnt put off finding my own car but would have to start looking much earlier than I'd anticipated.

Car shopping is awkward. Particularly when you have next to no knowledge about cars and really have no idea what kind of car you want. So the first bit of me trying to find a car was pretty pointless.
I went on but really, I wasnt sure how much I wanted to spend and even when I'd find something that looked nice, I had no way of gauging whether it was actually a good deal or not. I debated about whether I should get a little SUV or a car. Dave told me to come up with a list of features I wanted in my future car, but mostly I felt like that made me too picky. Cause heated seats are nice to have, but they arent necessary and definitely not a deal breaker, when really I just needed something so I could drive myself to work and go on any driving excursions I might want to.
But car shopping made my head hurt. And stressed me out.

But I really couldnt put it off. Nat was pretty much driving me to and from work everyday, which was awesome of her, but a total hassle. 
I thought that maybe a nice, cute little Jeep Compass would be nice, so I went to the Jeep dealership in town. But car shopping is particularly annoying because of the car salesmen. The guy at the Jeep dealership wouldnt show me any used cars cause he was convinced that I should buy a brand new car. "If I was his daughter.. blah blah blah."
But since I'd never even been in a Jeep Compass, I decided I might as well test drive one while I was there. So I test drove a brand new one. And it was beautiful. I brag called Nat and Bri. And then drove it home to show Nat. Katelyn hopped in and suggested to her mom that maybe I could drive her to school in my new car.
But even after the glorious test drive, I still wasnt positive that I should actually get a jeep.
I looked for used models, but finding a deal is hard. Every time I would call after one, it would already be sold, and then I'd have another dealership telling me they'd love to show me some other things.
And I did test drive a couple really nice cars that didnt really have everything I wanted, but would be good to get me around. Not excessive. Just the basics. 
It's hard to be decisive though. 
I set up an appointment in Calgary to look at a couple of little Jeeps and had one car in Lethbridge I was debating.
My parents drove with me to look at the 2007 Jeep Compass and even though there was definitely some sort of engine issue (which my dad thought might be the catalytic converter), it was still a really nice vehicle. And we got the guy selling it down $1000 on the price. But I still felt so nervous about it. I'd never spent so much money on something that was not a sure thing. What if the car sucked? What if the issue to fix it cost me a ton and then the car wasnt that great of a deal?

And there was a safe bet of a car that would be good but not great, waiting in Lethbridge.

But I am nothing if not a bit of a risk taker.
So I went for it.

I was surprised at how quickly things went. We went to AMA Registry to check if the car had any liens out against it. And then went and paid the guy, then went back and got insurance and the registration set up. Once I got into the jeep I just kept saying "I bought a car!"
It felt surreal.
I bought a jeep.
A cute little jeep.
And ya, it had issues (which we totally discovered are still covered under warranty!), but it was my car.
My very own car.
It's issues are still to be worked out, but I already have my first road trip planned for the end of the month. I can't believe I bought a car! 


Brittany Curry said...

wow thats awesome! It looks so nice and so you!

Royall said...

A JEEP was my dream vehicle when I was a kid. And now that I've owned one for four years I have to say it lives up to the dream part. Our Grand Cherokee has been so solid for us.

I still don't feel like I've bought a car. Matt does all the official paying and registering so I kind of just realized I don't feel like a full grown-up now.

Julie said...

you are so grown up!! great idea to get a jeep though! we bought a little mazda a couple years ago and i wish we bought something bigger!!!