Friday, March 2, 2012

It's fatigue,
That ache behind the eyes.
Not from effortous exertions,
But from a repetative slow grind.
The routine seems neverending,
And the dream is to escape.
But breaking routine digs a deeper rut,
To fall into everyday.
Is living merely passing time?
Cause hours, months, and years slip by.
And days full of productive living are a chronic toil.
And nights full of tired sleeping take a cumulative toll.
How long will this go on?
And what's it all been for?
Oh, how endurance burns away leaving little resolve.
It's fatigue,
Which kills over time.
And I'm tired.

Ben Lowry

It's not just the licensure exam in less than 7 hours.
It's not the hours of studying - compensated with hours of procrastination.
It's not the unrelenting burden of requirements hanging over my head.
It's not the ever constant reminder of my motto "No Life Plans".
It's not the pressure and stress to succeed and survive.
It's everything and nothing. All together and separately.
It's nights full of tired sleeping taking a cumulative toll.


Tiffany Kay Smith said...

You will do great Melissa!! You are so close, keep on truckin'

Royall said...

You can do it!