Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Einstein's Best Wishes

I've recently gotten a few really fun things in the mail from a couple of the LDS acquaintances I have in Boston. Its was such a nice surprise and really sweet and thoughtful. It made me feel kinda special. And in the case of the last one, laugh out loud. I know I'm hard on Boston and the mormon population here, cause I don't often feel like I've clicked with a lot of people, but there are some really great people out here. And I think if I hadn't been in dental school during my sojourn here, I could have had a very different experience. Even as it is, I'm very grateful for the people who stop and notice me. Part of my irrelevance and anonymity is due to my schedule and time constraints - I know I'm not very involved in any sort of single's scene - so having people think of me is doubly thoughtful because I am so out of sight. 

I went to a V-Day Birthday Party. We made valentine bags. This little number ended up in mine.
Very strange but I'm twisted enough to like it :)

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